Serenia Fantasy, A Cutesy 2D Browser MMO, Is Now Live

By Michael Jamias
serenia fantasy official launch

Serenia Fantasy, the latest fantasy rpg and browser mmo from Koram Game, launched yesterday September 6 with a single server named Dreamlike Island.

After spending three months in closed beta, Serenia Fantasy has opened its 2D fantasy universe to fans of cutesy cartoon graphics, a straightforward click-and-kill combat system, and monster transformation shenanigans.

New players of this free browser mmo will be given a Starter Kits, which contains essential consumables such as 50 magic potions, a mini teleport crystal and even a level 50 Spirit Overlord Slime, which is a rare item that lets you transform into and do battle as a deadly slime.

The mmorpg is also running five opening week events from September 6 to 13, ranging from double xp gains to leveling races to reward schemes for players who top up via the cash shop.

Moving forward, the game promises to hold seasonal events throughout the year such as the Werewolf Hunt and the Masquerade.

Like in most free to play browser games, players will need to sign up for an account before gaining access to Serenia Fantasy. Account creation at takes a few minutes, and then it’s off to create your very first character. There are three playable classes in the game – Warrior, Mage or Ranger – each with their own special abilities and skills.


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