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  • Serinia Fantasy: class

    Serinia Fantasy: class
    Choose from mage, warrior, or ranger when creating your character in Serenia Fantasy....
    Serinia Fantasy: class

    Serinia Fantasy: quest

    Serinia Fantasy: quest
    The quest tracker will take you to any nearby quest areas you need....
    Serinia Fantasy: quest

    Serinia Fantasy: character

    Serinia Fantasy: character
    Remember to equip new gear as you progress through the game and check for prizes that you earn as you play....
    Serinia Fantasy: character

    Serinia Fantasy: combat

    Serinia Fantasy: combat
    Serenia Fantasy uses a simple combat system. You can bind one attack to left click. The quest tracker will even attack monsters fo...
    Serinia Fantasy: combat

Serenia Fantasy Gameplay

Serenia Fantasy Gameplay

Serenia Fantasy is a free browser fantasy MMO from Koram Game. Using real-time combat and adorable cartoon graphics, Serenia Fantasy takes players on fun, fast-paced adventures through the magical land of Serenia. The story is set millions of years after the evil god Harlan was banished from the world. After corrupting the sword that served as his prison, Harlan is seeking to return and wreak havoc once again to all the living. You play as a hero of Serenia who will have to race against time and venture deep in the Abyss Labyrinth to prevent the resurrection of Harlan. There are three available classes – Warrior, Mage or Ranger – each possessing special combat abilities and skills. The classes are straightforward enough for fans of RPG browser games. The Warrior is a melee expert capable of dealing and sustaining heavy blows; the Mage casts powerful and area-of-effect magic but can be quite vulnerable to direct attacks; while the Ranger is a distance shooter with quick reflexes and a steady aim.

After choosing a class, Serenia Fantasy throws you into the game world to set out on their main mission. This consists of repeated dungeon runs that will earn you decent experience and gear. But as you progress through this no download mmorpg, additional activities open up to you. There are regular events such as the Werewolf Hunt and the Masquerade that can give you a break from the dungeon grind. But if you’re really into combat, Serenia Fantasy also has challenging instances that can either be soloed or completed with a party. Each instance gives a set of objectives that must be completed first before it gives access to the next levels. Finishing all the levels will yield experience and rare item rewards.

Serenia Fantasy puts its own twists to the fantasy MMO format. It created the Spirit system which lets players transform into a monster, in both appearance and stats. Using special rare Spirit items, a player will be able to take on the form of most of the monsters they meet in-game, and use their powerful special attacks. Heroes can also equip Wings, which grow to impressive sizes through the use of upgrade items. Some Wings can be earned after completing the main quest, or can be purchased through the Serenia Fantasy cash shop. The same acquisition method applies for speed-increasing Mounts. Both Wings and Mounts also provide additional bonus stats aside from their costume enhancements and convenience perks.

By Rachel Rosen


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