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Sengoku Providence Online is an action adventure browser game developed and published by Nutaku and SuperHippo. The game doesn't cost a cent and it can be found among the free browser games on Nutaku gaming portal. Sengoku Providence Online: The Battle of the Three Kingdoms takes place in a fantasy themed medieval Japanese setting inspired by the Warring States period. Players experience the game as warlords in charge of an army of elite female warriors. Real historical figures such as Nobunaga, a powerful ruler, make an in game appearance. Players will travel the world and engage in all sorts of military conflicts. Sengoku Providence Online has various game modes such as story mode, events and PvP battles.

The game world contains three kingdoms that are in a constant state of war. Sengoku Providence Online campaign mode requires players to explore all three kingdoms and complete various missions. The campaign has three main quest lines. Each main quest is divided into 13 chapters. There are also multiple difficulty options available. Players unlock the most challenging modes, hard and hell, by completing quests on normal difficulty. Just like in MMORPG games, players get rewards for finishing quests. New characters are among the rewards. Senkis are extremely powerful fighters that help players complete challenging content. These warriors have special attacks and they can be trained to unlock their full combat potential. Sengoku Providence Online has two features, gacha and evolution, that are used to upgrade characters. Gacha costs premium or free currency and gives players the chance to acquire upgrade items. Senki can be obtained with gacha too. Evolution is used to upgrade Senki. Each character is associated a number of stars that show its quality. Heroes can be evolved to attain the maximum number of stars which is five. Max level characters can be godified. This process is similar to evolution but has other requirements. Sengoku Providence Online players can obtain high quality Senki by completing events. These activities are available all the time. Players are able to customize events difficulty by selecting different combat settings.

Sengoku Providence Online combat system allows players to switch between auto battle and normal battle. These options give players the chance to increase combat difficulty and speed. Total War is a game activity for high level players. Players need to complete a big part of the Sengoku Providence Online campaign and to obtain a level six Senki to take part in a Total War event. Guilds and PvP wars are popular browser games features. Guild versus guild wars are daily events that last for four hours. Players are rewarded with medals that are used to unlock unique characters. Sengoku Providence Online has cartoon graphics and relaxing in game atmosphere.

By Rachel Rosen

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