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  • Senatry: battle

    Senatry: battle
    Send your armies on campaign and fight in battles against enemy armies as you work torwards your goal....
    Senatry: battle

    Senatry: armory

    Senatry: armory
    Build and upgrade an armory to buy new equipment and upgrade old equipment....
    Senatry: armory

    Senatry: senatus

    Senatry: senatus
    The Senatus is the hub of your town. It dictates the maximum level of other buildings and allows you to levy taxes....
    Senatry: senatus

    Senatry: quest

    Senatry: quest
    Check the quest tab often for new quests and information about new military campaigns....
    Senatry: quest

Senatry is a Roman themed browser MMO game that is home to a variety of innovative and exciting RTS features. Senatry is available to play without the need for a large client download and it supports the majority of internet browsers, but best of all, it's totally free to play without the need for a subscription.

One of the most exciting aspects of Senatry is the huge game world and player-base. Each server can hold a staggering 100,000 players, with a minimum average of 10,000 players online at all times. The huge amount of players on each servers provides an action packed experience never before seen in a RTS game, creating huge PvP battles, intense competition for AI structures and buildings, and huge potential for player and alliance rivalries.

The majority of MMO RTS games available today force players to construct a variety of buildings to harvest resources, restricting diplomatic and military campaigns until a player has a certain amount of resources, but Senatry takes an entirely different approach. The best way to earn resources in Senatry is through combat, whether it's against other players or A.I forces. This means that players spend the majority of their time planning and executing combat strategies, instead of sitting at home watch a build queue complete.

Every one of the 100,000 players on each server is assigned a family in Senatry, with a total of 3 families on each server. Families behave in a similar way to alliances on other MMORTS games, but it's a forced decision. Although some players may be uncomfortable with this, it works out really well as it gives players enemies to fight and allies to assist. Each family has thousands of territories, areas they can construct new cities on or expand in. Each family can be attacked by the other families creating a high demand for free land which results in huge PvP battles among hundreds of different players.

Senatry combines all of the popular features from the MMORTS genre and includes up to 100,000 players per server, making it one of the large-scale MMORTS games.

By Rachel Rosen

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