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  • SeaFight: attack

    SeaFight: attack
    Approach enemies, click on them, and then click your attack key to kill enemies. Remember that pirates may try to get away....
    SeaFight: attack

    SeaFight: ammo

    SeaFight: ammo
    Remember to buy ammo during your adventures. You don't want to run out of cannon balls during a fight....
    SeaFight: ammo

    SeaFight: quests

    SeaFight: quests
    You can grab quests anywhere on the map from your quest journal. You do not have to head to any towns in SeaFight....
    SeaFight: quests

    SeaFight: naval battle

    SeaFight: naval battle
    Finally, a naval battle. My weaker cannon balls may make this a tough fight....
    SeaFight: naval battle

Seafight Gameplay

Seafight Gameplay

Seafight is a pirate themed no download MMORPG from the developers at Bigpoint GmbH. Players take on the role of a fearless pirate captain, scouring the high seas in search of fame and fortune. As is expected with Bigpoint Games, Seafight takes a heavy focus on PvP combat and player interaction, but does include a fair amount of PvE content as well.

As you would expect in a pirate based MMORPG, the main focus is on ship combat and improvement. Players start with their very own ship, there are tons available but the majority take a fair amount of time to purchase. As you progress in the game you can improve your ship in a variety of ways. You can purchase guns and ammunition to do more damage to your enemies, you can also purchase hull and sail upgrades to improve your defenses and speed. NPC's can also be hired to help your crew, there's a large variety and each one is different from the last. Allowing players to create their very own feared pirate crew.

The majority of the maps are open PvP, meaning you can be attacked by any other player. Due to this, Clans are vital in Seafight. Players can join clans for protection and to participate in huge clan vs clan battles. Clans can fight for pride and honor, but can also fight for control of areas, taking control of vital ports and are even able to construct their very own colony.

Seafight also uses the Bigpoint Games exclusive feature of JackPoint Points. If you're not familiar with the concept, players are able to search for, and collect, Jackpot Points each month. At the end of each month Bigpoint host a free for all PvP competition where players battle it out with the hopes of claiming the cash prize. The winner of the free for all event has their JackPot Points converted into dollars, which is used as the main prize for the event, the cap is $10,000 per event.

By Rachel Rosen


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