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    Samurai Taisen: dungeons
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    Samurai Taisen: quests
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    Samurai Taisen: items
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    Samurai Taisen: map

    Samurai Taisen: map
    Scout the region map to see your neighbors. Hopefully, nobody decides to invite your city....
    Samurai Taisen: map

Real time strategy meets feudal Japan in Samurai Taisen, the free browser game developed by PST Team. Players strive to achieve the title of Shogun after expanding their power from a simple village to a large realm. Set in an alternate history universe during the Sengoku Period of Japan, or more commonly known as the warring states period, players will have to contend with social upheaval, political intrigue, and military conflict in this rts game.

In the beginning, players can choose to join one of four factions: Date Clan, Takeda Clan, Uesugi Clan, or the Oda Clan. Each clan has their own characteristics and provide bonuses to strategy depending upon the provinces that the faction currently controls. Being in a faction in Samurai Taisen gives daily quests to the player, who can complete them to gain standing with the faction. The greater the standing within the faction, the harder and more valuable the daily quests become for the player. If they don't feel like joining a faction, players can remain independent as Ronin if they wish.

Players being as lords of a small domain, known as Ji-samurai, whose village is largely undeveloped. Players can expand by constructing new buildings and upgrading existing ones. To gain power, the player can create new villages or conquer the villages of other players. Diplomacy is a key factor in Samurai Taisen as players can join alliances for mutual cooperation in both economic and military matters. To form an alliance, players will need to build an embassy, which will then give access to a private alliance-only forum. Members of an alliance cannot attack each other and will be notified if another member is being attacked so help can be sent.

Using resources of rice and coins, the players of this browser mmo can develop their villages, do research, and raise troops. The troops in Samurai Taisen are broken into two categories: combat troops and special troops. All troops have stats representing their various attributes such as attack power, defense power, and speed. Combat troops can attack, defend, or raid villages. Special troops have unique functions such as being able to spy on an enemy village or conduct an assassination. Special troops include ninja, komuso, and geisha.

The player himself has an active role in Samurai Taisen in the form of the Taisho. This figure represents the player within the game and they can perform a number of different tasks. They can accompany an army (giving bonuses), equip items, and explore dungeons. Strap on your samurai armor and see if you have it takes to become Shogun in this mmorts game.

By Jeff Francis

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