RuneScape's Christmas schedule is unveiled

By Tam Mageean
runescape xmas

In a bizarre twist, there'll be no surprises this Christmas in Runescape! That sounds a lot meaner than it actually is; Runscape's Christmas schedule has been published online for all to see, in order to get all of Gielinor in the festive spirit.

December is looking pretty stacked for fans of the browser-based MMORPG, with a stocking full of events, updates and new features in-store.

Christmas comforts are making a return this winter; from Legendary Reindeer pets to Yuletide costumes and living decorations, your gaming experience will be jollier than an eggnog-filled elf on a Sleigh-Ride. What better way to accent your new Christmas threads, than with a new Festive Aura, in the form of some shiny snowflake wings that grant the wearer with 30 minutes of +50% Exp per day throughout December.

Rather than the Earthly, orthodox 12 days of Christmas tradition, the MMO will be celebrating an extended 15 days of Christmas. During the 15 days of Christmas, be on the lookout for special Festive Crackers that will drop a variety of holiday items, including the rare, Black Santa Hat. Your Christmas Costumes will increase the drop-rate, so keep those tinsel trimmings on!

For a full list of what to expect over the holidays can be found on the RuneScape News page.

Lastly, don't forget to pre-purchase your next years worth of premium play-time with The Premier Club! huge discounts in RuneScape's VIP packages are scheduled to land tomorrow.


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