RuneScape builds the Well of Good Will

By Tam Mageean
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One of the greatest gaming achievements of this decade has not simply been the monetization of playing games, but what players do with it. It's no secret the RuneScape currency has a real-world value; with gold farmers at large all the time, in an attempt to make a quick mmo buck, but on the flip-side of that coin; is a different real-world value altogether.

RuneScape now features a Well of Good Will. If you're feeling charitable next time you're playing the browser mmo, head over to the well and chip in a little of your spare change. In-game gold donated in RuneScape will then be mined and processed by the good people at Jagex, who's keen alchemy skills will turn the donations into real, shiny money, which will be donated to one of 5 charities chosen by the developers.

"With the Well of Goodwill, we believe we have created a perfect system to allow our players to support worthy charities through their in-game efforts without affecting their own real-world pockets."

RuneScape Well of Good Will

The charity drive will run throughout November and is focused on helping disadvantaged, at risk, or seriously ill, young people. The charities are as follows:

Willow - A UK-based charity that provides memorable and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to seriously ill people aged 16 to 40.

SpecialEffect - A charity that explores and encourages rehabilitation and therapy through video-games

Action for Kids - Provides equipment and support to young people with physical and learning disabilities

GamesAid - A charity that feeds other charities, by encouraging and inspiring the gaming industry to donate and create events.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) - An internet hotline to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children online.

For every 10 million gold donated, Jagex will donate a dollar, so get saving now!


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