Runescape to host Super September daily challenges

By Michael Jamias
runescape super september challenges

Runescape is running the month-long Super September event where fans complete daily challenges to score progressively nicer rewards.

Parse through the Runescape Super September reward chart below:

Runescape Super September rewards infographic

Players will need to complete a minimum of 5 daily challenges to score a sweet Superhero Outfit, and every 5 daily challenges earned after will unlock additional rewards, including exclusive titles, emotes, and gear. The highest reward is the iconic Superhero Shield that bears the "RS" initials of the browser mmo game.

Fans also unlock progressively higher Loyalty Points bonuses when racking up more daily challenges through the Super September month.

Developer Jagex said the daily mmorpg challenges will not be limited to one single task, and will not have level requirements, so even new players can join in the 30-day challenge gauntlet starting September 1.

"From crushing enemies in combat, to gathering items; traversing the world, to raising a specific skill; helping those in need, to eating an enormous portion of food. Each Super Challenge is totally different to the last," said Jagex on the range of tasks that each daily Super Challenge will pose to adventurers.

For easy tracking, Runescape members can access the challenges through the Challenge tab.


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