RuneScape introduces a high-level mini-game

By Tam Mageean
runescape six

RuneScape has been around, seemingly, since the dawn of the MMO. So, as a long-standing high-level player, you sometimes have to really push yourself, in order to find a suitable or new challenge. Fear not, weary warriors, for a new challenge has arrived, in the form of RuneScape's new instance: Rise of the Six.

"The Six", or the Barrows Brothers, as they're more commonly known have undergone an overhaul complements of the skeletal Mahjarrat, Sliske, and they're looking to unbalance the odds, in one of the most challenging instances to grace the browser MMO. You, and your band of four, will have all 6 brothers to contend with, in their most powerful for to date, with high-level goodies and awesome looking bobblehead pets for deserving challengers.

There is no level requirement to take part in this instance, but the RuneScape team claim it will require a Combat Level of at least 180, if you wish to stand a chance.

To take on the six deadly brothers:

1 - Obtain a Barrows Totem. These can be traded for, or you will find them dropped on Barrows runs

2 - Jump into the well in the North-West Barrows

3 - Create an instance for you and 3 friends

4 - Adventure through the chambers to the Shadow Realm Portal

5 - Agree to Sliske's challenge

6 - Say hello to The Six

It's going to be a long, tough battle, so bring everything you've got!


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