RuneScape is Up To Snow Good

By Tam Mageean
runescape santa

Earlier this month, we published an article on RuneScape's Christmas schedule, and even noted how peculiar it was that the team at Jagex, for once, were so willing to give up all of their plans in one fell swoop; since they are so notorious for surprising their fans.

It turns out that despite all the planning and preparation, your schedule can be thrown out the window, as reports of a Yule-tide disturbance make their way across the mmorpg

Santa has been kidnapped! There is a Grinch in Gielinor; a loyalist of Zamorak, who goes by the twisted title of San'tar Klaws, has caged Kris Kringle and is holding Christmas to ransom. Depending on your rpg alignment, you can either hinder or help Santa by accruing Naughty or Nice points in the RuneScape festive fair.

Rewards are aplenty for your efforts. From embarrassing knitted Christmas sweaters, to tinsel-adorned garments, to an awesome San'tar spawnling pet; you'll have everything you need to spread or suffocate the Christmas cheer around town.

The fair will feature snowball fights, reindeer petting, tree decorating and preparing the Wizard's Banquet, which will all earn you those precious Naughty and Nice present points, depending on how you choose to behave.

To start the RuneScape Christmas event, aptly titled, "Up to Snow Good", head on over to the Battle of Lumbridge Crater and speak to the brooding San'tar Klaws, and wait for the festive frolics to begin!


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