RuneScape goes back to its roots with One of a Kind

By Tam Mageean
runescape one of a kind

Jagex are gearing up for a lore-packed month; delving deep into the belly of Gielinor to uncover some of RuneScape's lost and secret history.

To kick things off, the browser based mmo has undergone a major update to include some new features and One of a Kind; an epic, members only, Grandmaster quest that promises to take RuneScape Questing "back to its roots".

RuneScapes' One of a Kind has been designed as one of the most demanding quests to date. Described as "a quest for quest-lovers", it has some incredibly high entry requirements, not to mention a decorated back catalog of questing experience.

Rewards for completing the enormous quest include Dungeoneering XP, a Dragon Rider Amulet and access to the new, community-built, high level Celestial Dragons, and their unique drops.

RuneScape Dragon Rider

If you'd like to give One of a Kind a go; head into the basement of Varrock Museum and talk to Mr Mordaut. Offer to help him find Hannibus, the last of the Dragon Riders and let the lore-infused fun begin!

Along with the One of a Kind quest, the mmorpg has also undergone some graphics and gameplay tweaks as part of the update, and a unique new pet has been added to Solomon's General Store; the Drakefire Warship. Unlike the traditional pets of RuneScape, this mini airship will unleash a barrage of cannon-fire onto your enemies, to devastating effect.

For a full list of changes in the first March update, be sure to check out the RuneScape official forums.


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