Runescape Old School opens the gate to God Wars dungeon

By Michael Jamias
runescape old school god wars

The God Wars dungeon and its cast of badass bosses have arrived in Runescape Old School.

Runescape developers had no choice but deliver on what fans wanted, after a landslide voting saw 89% of the 1 million-strong community choosing the God Wars dungeon to appear in the no download mmorpg.

The God Wars dungeon trailer confirms why this is pretty much a party lover's dream update.

It lets you team up with server pals in glorious battles against formidable foes such as the likes of K'ril Tsutsaroth (shown in thumbnail), Commander Zilyana, General Graardor and Kree'arra.

These bosses are no pushovers, and will likely wipe most first-time challengers. But perseverance should pay off handsomely. Defeating these bosses will earn heroes the most powerful weapon known to RuneScape Old School -- the legendary Godsword -- as well as best-in-class armor.

“Players will need to be steadfast and defiant in order to win through and defeat the gods, but if successful, players will be rewarded beyond their wildest imagination," said RuneScape Executive Producer Phil Mansell.

"It is the ultimate game of seeking treasure or die trying – something RuneScape has grown famous for.”

Those who record their epic trials surmounting the new bosses can even snap up more prizes. MMORPG developers are looking for the best short God Wars video clip, so be sure to make those recordings inspiring, nostalgic or simply laugh-out-loud memorable. YouTube links can be sent to [email protected] for contest consideration.


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