RuneScape activates exciting new combat system on November 20

By Michael Jamias
runescape new combat system november 20

After five months of rigorous testing, the much-awaited and hopefully more balanced combat system is now ready to go live in RuneScape.

“With thousands of hours of playtime from yourselves and hundreds of changes to the system from your feedback, we’re now looking forward to a new era in RuneScape. Once the Evolution of Combat has been released, you can look forward to some great new boss monsters and combat-related updates that would never have been possible previously,” said RuneScape developer Jagex in a release announcement on its official blog.

The Evolution of Combat update represents a exciting new direction for the venerable fantasy browser game, which under its old combat system favored melee attacks. The new combat system introduces offhand weapons in addition to the existing main hand weapons. Offhand weapons can be smithed or purchased via the mmorpg's trading system, the Grand Exchange.

The arrival of these offhand weapons as well as new abilities that produce additional effects when activated are expected to fundamentally change how players battle monsters and each other.

Jagex will be hosting a live steam this coming weekend to address questions regarding the rebalanced combat triangle. Questions can be posted at the forums for those not covered in the newly released Evolution of Combat FAQ.


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