Runescape lets loose the Kalphite King and level 90 equipment

By Michael Jamias
runescape kalphite king level 90 equipment

The killer boss Kalphite King promises new all-powerful weapons, ranging from maces to rapiers, to those who dare challenge it.

The Kalphite King represents the latest and most dangerous opponent yet for Runescape adventurers, according to developer Jagex who revealed details about the boss in its January 2013 Behind the Scenes developer post.

“In this brand new, instanced boss fight, you’ll need to work cooperatively with a group of high level friends to avoid a quick and ungraceful death, including learning how to dodge the most damaging NPC attack ever. He'll have a large range of potential attacks, keeping even the most effective teams on their toes. The fight itself will be instanced, so there won’t be any issues of overcrowding or run-ins, as you'll be able to set rules to control who can join you for the fight.”

Defeating the Kalphite King will reward level 90 weapons, specifically for dual-wielding melee users, such as main and off-hand maces, longswords and rapiers. These represent some of the best mmorpg weapons available to date. Resources needed to repair them can be obtained from the kalphite minions that litter the Kalphite King dungeon, located in the heart of the Kharidian Desert.

On top of the Kalphite menace, Runescape developers also plan on ratcheting up the demon menace. Demon flash mobs will increasingly appear in the Wilderness and other high-danger zones in the free no download mmorpg, providing exciting challenges and satisfying XP and demon armor rewards.


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