HiScores returns to free-to-play in RuneScape's latest update

By Tam Mageean
runescape hiscores

To the delight of the free to play core of classic, browser-based mmorpg, RuneScape, the HiScores feature has returned. 

Following today's update, free players will once again have access to the HiScores system; granting them the ability to show off your power-leveling skills and pit yourself against your mmo buddies.

Players who have accummulated over 2154 XP (all-time) and who can generate over 1000 XP in any skill per week will be posted on the competitive tables, so they can see and compare their standings. Most importantly, this means that free players can wager their XP reaping skills against each other and get in on some of the competitive action.

Another new addition, following the latest RuneScape update, is the Action Bar Sharing function. This feature will allow you to share your custom action bar setups and analyse the action bars of your friends.

RuneScape Action Bar

In the latest RuneScape update notes, mod_william describes the system to the mmo masses, "Whether you're helping a new player get to grips with combat or sharing an optimal setup with your boss-running group, this is sure to come in handy."

You'll be able to share via the newly added "Share" button on your interface.

Lastly, clans will be able to keep their warriors updated using the freshly launched Clan Admin Broadcast function, which will allow clan leaders to send out bulletin messages to all of their members to alert them of important clan-related news.

A detailed list of the updates can be found on the RuneScape official forums.


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