Old School RuneScape launches free weekend

By Tam Mageean
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On October 24th RuneScape's Old School Server hit one million players and to celebrate; Jagex are hosting a free weekend for Old School RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape launched in February and provides nostalgia seeking MMOers with the opportunity to play on a server, suspended in time, playing the 2007 version of the MMORPG classic. As the game evolves, it plans to take different turns in RuneScape's lore, and eventually run almost parallel; as an alternate reality realm.

This weekend sees its hallowed gates open to the public, allowing non-members to gallivant alongside full members, with the full members feature set, completely for free.

The Halloween event is in full swing too, so there are a host of tricks and treats awaiting you on the server, with an exclusive mask; the fabled Black Halloween Mask available for anyone who can vanquish the Ghosts of Gielinor. Any progress that visitors make during their trial period will be saved, so they can continue from that point; should they decide to become a member.

RuneScape Old School Screenshot

Today also marks the opening of London's RuneFest fan convention, where the MMO's new, PvP world is making its debut.

"The launch of PvP worlds sees the most hardcore RuneScape experience to date, freeing players from their shackles to take part in PvP gameplay, everywhere and all the time, in these very special worlds."

If you'd like to check out the O.G. of the MMORPG, the free weekend runs from now until Monday, November 4th at oldschool.runescape.com


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