Jagex publishes Runescape's first Power to the Players poll

By Michael Jamias
runescape first power players poll

Invention skill or Elf City? That's the question of the month for Runescape players who have to decide which one they want to land first in the free mmorpg. Fans have until January 31 (10AM GMT) to log into the browser mmo and vote.

“After unveiling the Power to the Players initiative at the end of 2013, we are delighted to begin this exciting new era with the launch of the first poll,” said Neil McClarty, Marketing Director, Runescape.

Jagex is giving an unprecedented amount of control to its player base to dictate which features will be developed and launched this year in the form of Power to the Players polls.

The Invention skill or Elf City poll is just the first of a many monthly 'Dragonstone' polls planned throughout 2014. In addition to monthly ‘Dragonstone’ polls, members can also look forward to voting in ‘Diamond’ and ‘Ruby’ polls, several of which will be released throughout January as well.

These are described as mid and low-tier polls which will help decide topics such as which new dragon should be added into the game, and whether the spring event should be Easter-themed or not, developers said.


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