RuneScape’s new Challenge system can double your xp haul

By Michael Jamias
runescape challenge system video

In Runescape, skilling will no longer be seen a burdersonsome chore as Jagex sweetens the deal with extra xp and loot rewards through the new Challenge system.

In the first part of the behind the scenes video below, Runescape Mod Liono walks us through the details of this new system that promises to be another addictive addition to the browser mmo.

“Challenge system is a brand new piece of content we put into Runescape that is designed to encourage variety in skilling methods and also to teach players that those skilling methods exist and how to do them,” said Mod Liono.

Mod Lion confirms that players can take on more than 700 challenges when the Challenge system  launches. He also promises that challenges will cover low and high level content to ensure that players can find challenges no matter their level and MMO gaming preference.

“The benefit of doing daily challenges compared to skilling as normal is that you will be rewarded for the time as if you had spent doing the most efficient as well as getting whatever resources and xp you get for doing whatever the challenge asks you to do… It basically doubles your xp for that time,” Mod Liono adds.

The second part of the video then touches on the new Jagex Account Guardian that boosts protection of each Runescape account. Watch on to know more about how this security feature plans to keep no-gooders from stealing your most prized loot in the browser mmo.


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