Runescape introduces "pay through play" Bonds currency system

By Michael Jamias
runescape bonds currency

The new Bonds currency lets Runescape fans grind their way to membership subs and other previously paid perks.

If you obsessively play Runescape, rejoice! Jagex has introduced the new Bonds currency, which you can buy with all your farmed gold. Then you can redeem the Bonds currency for sweet memberships without ever spending a dime.

Runescape executive producer Phil Mansell explains the genius concept behind this new currency system. He also discusses why this solves a lot of the big headaches plaguing the browser game, including rampant gold farming and the frustration of free players who want memberships but did not want to pay cash for them.

“The launch of Bonds for Runescape is a really positive move, which will improve the game’s economy and give players more choice in how they get membership," said Mansell.

“Many players will have accrued a small fortune’s worth of GP and valuable items in-game over their years of playing Runescape. By introducing Bonds, millions of dedicated players will now have the choice to fund their membership and other services for free through the exchange of in-game wealth for Bonds," he added.

The Bonds currency system is obviously patterned after successful models implemented in other mmorpg games like PLEX in EVE Online, Gems in Guild Wars 2 and REX in Rift.

If those other games' examples are any indication, the Bonds currency system will eradicate most of the third-party gold farming activities in Runescape, and also convince a lot of free players to stay put for years to come.


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