RuneScape announces new combat beta

By Tam Mageean
runescape beta

Today, RuneScape developers have handed over the helm to their fans, to get feedback and suggestions on how to bring the ageing browser mmo up to speed.

"It's vital to us that you're driving the development of these changes every step of the way. That's why - from today every RuneScape player can test out the new combat features on our beta servers and offer feedback on the forums."

Changes and enhancements that are being implemented in the new RuneScape combat beta include: Special Attacks, Revolution, Momentum Plus, Ability Queuing, Action Bar Settings, Quick Loadout Switching and PvP refinements.

"With these changes, we hope Evolution of Combat will be more appealing to all types of players, adding more depth for experts, while making it more accessible to those just starting out. But that’ll be for you to decide."

The first beta has already been put out online. Starting with some new special attacks, with an early version of the new Revolution, Momentum Plus and Ability Queuing systems for players to try out.

Ability Queuing is pretty self explanatory, but the Revolution and Momentum Plus features are completely revamping the mmo's combat system. The gap between high intensity, low intensity and manual ability use will be closed, allowing players to strategize and customize the way they engage in battle.

The beta is set to be updated every couple of weeks, and is available to all players; so get online and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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