Runescape unleashes a new free to play quest

By Tam Mageean
runescape ashdale

Browser based mmo, RuneScape is one of the longest running, free to play, mmo games out there, but that hasn't slowed them down one bit. Next up on the RuneScape quest list, we have, A Shadow Over Ashdale, a brand new, free to play, Novice Quest, which will put your investigative skills to the test.

In RuneScape: A Shadow Over Ashdale, you'll be called upon by Veteran Adventurer, Gudrik, to investigate some strange occurrences in the picturesque town of Ashdale, before things turn awry.

RuneScape A Shadow Over Ashdale

The quest itself is as novice as you can get; with no entry requirements, due to it intuitively scaling the combat to your respective level.

Like many of the mmorpg quests being added to games recently, the focus is on great storytelling, with the hope of immersing players in the virtual world, and showing that there's more to mmo longevity than simply adding stuff on top of stuff, over and over again.

The new RuneScape quest falls hand in hand with a new patch too, which is mostly a bug-fixing and rebalancing skirmish, although some new features, such as the addition of the Pathfinder Hybrid Armor, have also been included. A full list of patch notes can be found here.


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