HTML5-powered Runescape 3 launches in summer

By Michael Jamias
runescape 3 summer launch

The sequel to the iconic Runescape releases this summer with an upgraded game engine, boosted graphics and new features.

Watch the video announcement complete with preview footage if you haven’t yet:

Launching sometime this summer, Runescape 3 will have a new fully HTML5 engine that should result in stunningly higher graphics compared to its more than decade-old predecessor. Runescape 3 is also said to have longer draw distances, new audio and a massive content update.

Runescape executive producer Phil Mansell teased that “Runescape 3 is a massive update to Runescape building on 12 years of content to make improvements on all fronts. Runescape 3 is going to run faster, look better and feel so much more immersive.”

Creative director Mark Ogilvie also dismissed concerns that Runescape 3 is just the same old Runescape upgraded with the latest browser games technology. He said that aside from tech improvements, Runescape 3 will mark a storyline milestone as the game history enters into the 6th Age. He pointed to the most recent Runescape updates which are serving as transition content moving into the new age in Runescape 3.

Ogilvie also suggested that player choice will have a greater impact than ever before in the upcoming next-gen MMORPG: “Our players will be able to shape the game with the choices they make. Every single player will have the ability to shape the world.”


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