Runescape 3 update detailed, will launch July 22

By Jeffrey Davis
runescape 3 releases july 22

Better set the date for July 22 if you're a Runescape fan, 'cause the next big update - as in Runescape 3 - is due out sometime on that day. The update will bring major changes to the game engine in addition to new content - for example, you won't need a Java download or any similar plugin tech anymore once the update hits due to a shift to HTML5-based client code. That means improved graphics, increased draw distance and a bigger opportunity for ser-generated content - and not just in traditional categories, but also the visual nature of the environments and their inhabitants. Essentially speaking, it's "the biggest upgrade in the game's acclaimed 12-year history" - and that's even from Jagex's perspective regarding the future of its flagship browser MMO as described by executive producer Phil Mansell.

In addition, the update will bring forth the dawn of the 6th age in Gielinor, along with the return of the Gods of Runescape who intend to make their authority known to all comers in the world. There will also be the kickoff for the game's first community-driven event with the start of the Battle of Lumbridge. Beyond that, new seasonal community competitions will make their way into the game, complete with monthly and weekly score tracking on the official public community leaderboards.

We'll have more on Runescape 3 as we get closer to launch, so lock it here at MMO Play for the latest thereof. In the meantime, check out the following developer preview video for even more on the update:


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