RuneScape 3 Launches New Age of Questing

By Josh Wirtanen
RuneScape 3 Launches New Age of Questing

RuneScape 3, the third iteration in the Guinness World Record-holding RuneScape series, may have just come out last month, but that won't keep Jagex from adding to it. Today, they've launched the first new quest of the game, Death of Chivalry.

Players will get to fight alongside one of RuneScape's heroes, Sir Owen. Here's a description that comes straight from an official press release: "Sent on a mission to recover a powerful artefact, players will join him as they infiltrate the notorious Black Knight Castle in order to retrieve this mysterious artefact for the mighty god Saradomin."

It goes on: "There are decisions to be made and secrets to be revealed, but players will need to choose wisely as the choices made here will have impact far and wide!"

And there are some neat rewards for partaking in the quest, including a new cosmetic armour override set, as well as what's described as "righteous helpings of Prayer and Combat XP." Oh, and even if your character is fairly low-level, you'll still get to partake, since the quest scales to your level. The other side of that coin, though, is that high-level players shouldn't expect a walk in the park.

The Death of Chivalry quest is available right now, and RuneScape is free-to-play.


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