Runescape 3 onboards new creative director

By Michael Jamias
runescape 3 creative director

Acclaimed writer and director Alex de Rakoff will helm the creative vision for the Runescape sequel.

UK-based Jagex Games Studio said Rakoff will be officially designated as the creative director for the company, overseeing both Runescape 3 and Transformers Universe, two of the biggest browser games in its line-up.

In explaining their choice, Alex Horton, Jagex’s Chief Creative Officer, said: “We’re doing something special with Transformers Universe, a game Alex is already a key part of.  As we go forward expect to see his influence on all of the Jagex media.  Having pedigree talent move in-house after a period of collaboration is a great endorsement of what we’re doing and where we’re going.”

The decision to hire Rakoff full-time seems to indicate a flowering relationship. It was revealed that in the past nine months the director has already been working for Jagex to write the story for the upcoming Transformers Universe game. Expanding Rakoff's duties to also oversee the creative development of Runescape 3, a much-anticipated MMO to succeed the popular Runescape, suggests the studio's level of trust in the incoming creative director.

Rakoff started his career as an award-winning music video and feature film director. Recently though he has expanded his work to include the games industry, working with Electronic Arts to write and direct the story for Need For Speed: The Run.

Sharing what he plans to bring to the MMO development table, Runescape 3 creative director Alex de Rakoff said: “Having worked for many years as a writer and director of feature films, music videos and AAA console games I'm really inspired to apply my experience to the media and narratives of large-scale online games. For me, this space is now the cutting edge of entertainment and there is no better studio to get behind than Jagex.  I am delighted to join their fantastic creative team with our collective intention of developing the best online games on the block.”


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