Runescape 2014 roadmap unveiled

By Michael Jamias
runescape 2014 roadmap

2014 will be a year where Runescape will have the most influence on game content for the 13-year-old browser mmo.

Runescape design director Mod Mark a new poll system will be launched come mid-January that asks players to decide on and influence game content.

The design director said the poll system will be the "cornerstone" to the grand 2014 roadmap -- which involves developing more high-level content for veterans and boosting the quest count in-game.

This Power to the Players video offers a recap of their goals for this year:

From quests to skills to bosses and balancing -- virtually everything in the MMO will be fair game to the polls. Even the type of new high-level content and main storylines will be swayed by the polls.

As an example, Mod Mark said fans will get to decide on the Easter event for 2014, whether to go with the usual cutesy bunnies and eggs concept or go for a more hilarious 6th Age event featuring Marimbo and Brassica Prime.

But some areas will be off limits to fan polling like microtransactions.

"While we do need your feedback on these things, they're not what the new poll system is for - you'll be able to give us your thoughts on the forums, as always.

"We also still need to make updates for smaller groups of players, or updates that attract new players to the game, which won’t be appropriate for large-scale polling," said Mod Mark.


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