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By Rudy Villalobos
runescape 2007 servers open

Jagex, the creators of Runescape, have just launched “Old School Servers” to their legendary MMO, Runescape. Fans have demanded, and received, a re-launching of the 2007 servers for Runescape. The 2007 server re-launch comes after a demand from fans based on a poll released by Jagex on their website.

This was an interesting way for them to gauge whether or not to invest in server management and support.

The poll was divided into tiers based on the number of paying members that voted. With each tier achieved, Jagex promised to offer more support for the 2007 servers.

The first tier (50,000 – 25,000 votes) was to decide if there was enough interest from players for it at all. They decided that if this tier was selected, they would launch the 2007 servers and offer the minimal amount of maintenance to the servers, at an additional cost of $15 per member. Alternatively, if the votes hit the 250,000 – 500,000 tier, they committed to launch the servers, provide basic maintenance, task a small team to continue development of the servers, and decrease the additional membership fee to $5. For this tier they also committed to exploring the possibility of creating anti-bot and anti-gold farming programs for the server.

After two weeks of voting, the poles were closed at an astounding 449,351 votes. Upon viewing the results, Jagex removed the extra membership fee for the 2007 servers, committed to creating the anti-bot and anti-gold upgrades for the server, and to host regular polls for members to decide on what new content to develop. The membership turnout in support of the 2007 servers surprised the team at Jagex. Not only did they revitalize their old fan base but each vote was placed by a paying member – most of whom were new or returning members.

Check out below Rudy's First look Gameplay video of the Runescape old school.

Runescape veterans can also look forward to the old combat system from 2007, which revolved around three different types of attacks and a block for defense. A key feature that current Runescape players will notice is that there will be no Grand Exchange; where players can buy, sell, and trade items automatically. The economy on the 2007 servers is based on a free market structure. When players visit towns they will now be able to see other players bartering and trading in global chat. A few other major features that will not be in the 2007 servers are summoning, clan wars, bounty hunters, accomplishments and god swords.

The most notable change that will come with the 2007 servers, other than the dated graphics, is the server reset. All players will start at level one with absolutely none of their items or player stats from their previous Runescape account.

It is great to see that Jagex is continuing to garner success from their legendary MMO. Runescape was initially released in 2001 and the fact that they still have a substantial fan-base is a testament to its quality. This is a very exciting time not only for the developers at Jagex but for new and veteran Runescape players alike.


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