Help Party Pete Celebrate Old School RuneScape's Fourth Anniversary

By Jeff Francis
Old School RuneScape fourth anniversary event

We're repeatedly told by marketing firms that the latest and most up-to-date items are the greatest. This is supposedly true for everything from electronics to mmo games. Yet plenty of gamers hunger for the experience of playing some old school games where challenges were harder and gameplay was more important that how pretty the graphics were. This is why millions of players have flocked to Old School RuneScape to recapture the glory and enjoyment of retro online gaming. The experiment of bringing the browser mmo back to its roots has paid off quite well for Jagex, as is clearly evident in that the fourth Old School RuneScape anniversary event is now underway.

Old School RuneScape anniversary

Party Pete's Birthday Bash is now live to celebrate the fourth Old School RuneScape anniversary. Players can head over to the Falador party room and strike up a conversation with Party Pete to get the ball rolling and lend a helping hand. For those players willing to help Party Pete with the celebration, they can gain rewards from the previous years of birthday events as well as new ones for this year. Older rewards that can be gained include the cow outfit, war ship, and gnome child hat. The new rewards are balloons and a 4th birthday hat.

In addition to the fourth Old School RuneScape anniversary, players can luxuriate in the knowledge that twelve more worlds have been added for North America. The no download mmorpg is still working on creating Australian worlds, but the game's current infrastructure makes adding new NA ones much easier. There is no timetable yet on the Australian worlds, but they are pushing towards that goal. There are also some quality of life improvements that players can enjoy, which include: Dagannoth Kings' Slayer Lair, safe peeking for both the Kalphite Queen and Dagannoth Kings' lairs, Elysian Spirit Shield improvement, and the Corp Cave being shrunk.

Will you be helping Party Pete with the Old School RuneScape Fourth Anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments below.


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