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How will RuneScape Mobile impact mmos?
RuneScape has long been the most popular browser mmo on the market. Millions of players have spent countless hours playing the online game ever since it launched way back in 2001. The game's developer, Jagex, has kept the game relevant over the years by upgrading the game periodically but have also kept their original fans happy by launching Old School RuneScape. A lot of players and developers look at RuneScape as one of the old dogs of the onli...
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Aug 08 2017
RuneScape mobile version announced
When most people think about mobile games, they're usually thinking about the latest strategy or puzzle game that offers little depth and immersion. There are painfully few true mmo games on mobile devices, but now one of the oldest online games is ready to change that. Jagex has announced that a new RuneScape mobile game version of the venerable online game is being developed for launch. Yep, a game that predates smart phones is set to go mobile...
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Jul 17 2017
Old School RuneScape fourth anniversary event
We're repeatedly told by marketing firms that the latest and most up-to-date items are the greatest. This is supposedly true for everything from electronics to mmo games. Yet plenty of gamers hunger for the experience of playing some old school games where challenges were harder and gameplay was more important that how pretty the graphics were. This is why millions of players have flocked to Old School RuneScape to recapture the glory and enjoyme...
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Feb 16 2017
Top five mmo Christmas events
It's the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats the Christmas season for holiday cheer as carolers sing and much eggnog is quaffed. While stuffing oneself with the Christmas goose and getting presents is grand, this time of year is also great for gamers as the virtual worlds of mmo games come alive with special holiday events. The scope of the events vary considerably from game to game, but they add something special to the gameplay experie...
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Dec 22 2016
runescape eastern lands
Players really are in power these days in Runescape. Case in point: 100,000 fans voted to add a new archipelago known as the Eastern Lands in the mmorpg, and they are now ready to be explored. The Runescape Eastern Lands is a sprawling archipelago of exotic islands. The seas and lands in this new continent are treacherous but also filled with treasure. Prepare yourself for the majestic Eastern Lands in the cinematic trailer below which was...
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Aug 19 2016
RuneScape Uncharted Isles and The Arc islands now live
Sailing, sailing over the bounding main! Mankind has traveled the seas in a quest for exploration since the dawn of time. Now RuneScape players can venture into new nautical realms as Jagex announces that new regions are now open for exploration within the browser mmo. The new RuneScape The Arc and Uncharted Isles are now available as long as certain requirements are met. To access the RuneScape The Arc islands, players will need to complete the...
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Jul 25 2016
runescape port sarim rework
Port Sarim is back in business after receiving some stunning upgrades, but it has also attracted the attention of greedy pirates. The iconic Runescape town famed for its fishing store and well-visited port has been re-opened and MMO developers thought of christening it with a full-scale pirate invasion. The insatiable pirate Jed will be launching a vicious attack on Runescape's new Port Sarim and browser mmo heroes will be asked to thwart the i...
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Jul 12 2016
runescape gower anniversary quest
15 years is a long time, but the three brothers who created Runescape back in 2001 are back with a humorous vengeance as part of the browser mmo's 15th anniversary celebrations. Andrew, Paul and Ian Gower return to the world of Gielinor with the new Runescape Gower quest, which plunges players in a curious case of disappearing cabbages, a trio of cabbage mages and patch full of vintage Runescape memes and jokes. "Gower Quest is a fond love lett...
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Jun 23 2016
runescape summer summit livestream
Runescape is revving up for an explosive five-hour livestream this Saturday, May 28, and it will be packed with detailed plans on everything from new mmorpg content to the eSports plans of the newly launched Chronicle: Runescape Legends. The Runescape Summer Summit livestream, which will be hosted on Twitch, will showcase the latest content that is in the pipeline for the long-running browser mmo as well as Old School Runescape. The livestream w...
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May 28 2016
runescape china
Jagex and their flagship mmorpg, Runescape have had a pretty healthy run in gaming, one that most publishers and developers could only wish for. With over a decade of popular, free to play gaming, we’ve seen Runescape conventions emerge, more expansions than you could shake a staff at and an immense, committed fanbase, spanning the Western gamersphere. However, even as one of the longest running, most successful games of all time, it's Eastern f...
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Mar 16 2016