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    Romadoria: forum
    The Forum is our first building. Here is the center for your government....
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    Romadoria: mission
    Complete missions to learn the basic mechanics of the game and earn in game rewards....
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    Romadoria: achievements
    Achievements will give you bonuses. Complete them as soon as possible. Constructing my Forum gave me 50 wine which let me accelera...
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Romadoria is a free to play, browser MMO RTS title with a Roman theme. Featuring a variety of unique MMORTS features and mechanics, Romadoria offers players all of the depth and strategy associated with the RTS genre, packaged with high-quality graphics and sounds.

As you would expect from a game in the RTS genre, Romadoria has a heavy focus on base construction and unit management. Every player is given their very own Roman themed colony, complete with paved streets and a lot of gold. There are several vacant plots that you can use to construct a large variety of buildings, with each building offering a different effect or benefit. Every building requires a certain amount of time and resources to construct, meaning players will have to manage their build queues carefully, making sure to give the more important buildings priority. Rome wasn't built in a day and Romadoria is no different, players will need to spend a long time collecting resources and earning gold in order to expand their colony and recruit more soldiers. The quickest way to earn resources is to construct one of the many available buildings that generate resources over time, other ways to get resources include trading with other players.

The other popular area of RTS games, unit management, takes a whole new direction with Romadoria, as it features one of the most in-depth systems available in the genre. Players don't simply train soldiers and launch them into battle, a successful military campaign takes time, planning your attacks and preparing your forces. The first responsibility you have to your troops is ensuring they're cared for, to do this you'll need to build various buildings that provide the basics for your military force, such as food storage and a headquarters, to give your troops somewhere to rest. Once their basic human needs have been cared for, you'll need to create their weaponry. Many buildings can create weapon parts, from the sheath of a sword to the bullets in a sling, players will need to research the kind of troops they wish to deploy, and then ensure they have to correct buildings to arm them.

Romadoria's unique Roman setting, combined with a highly in-depth approach to unit creation and management make it a truly innovative title for the MMORTS genre.

By Rachel Rosen

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