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  • Rivality: base

    Rivality: base
    Basic screen showing your base and resource you have (oil and money)....
    Rivality: base

    Rivality: building

    Rivality: building
    In order to make better army you need to upgrade your barracks and factories....
    Rivality: building

    Rivality: refinery

    Rivality: refinery
    Army costs money upkeep and in order to get money you need to sell fuel. Higher refinery level more money per barrel....
    Rivality: refinery

    Rivality: attack

    Rivality: attack
    There are two different ways to attack your enemies normal and loot....
    Rivality: attack

Rivality is a free to play, military themed MMORTS game that thrusts players into a war-torn world where the key to survival, is being the last one standing. Rivality is a browser MMO, meaning there are no huge client downloads to endure and the sign up process takes a matter of seconds, allowing players to dive straight into the war without dealing with any unnecessary fluff.

Rivality features a massive game world, one of the largest seen in a MMORTS title. When players begin their journey they're allotted a small area of turf to being their conquest of domination. As is expected in browser-based RTS titles, Rivality has a heavy focus on resource collection and management. Players can build a large variety of resource gathering buildings, all of which gather a specific resource. These buildings can also be upgraded to increase the potential resource yield, and must be protected in the case of a sneak attack from your enemy.

Rivality is home to thousands upon thousands of other players, ensuring that you'll never have to play alone. There are so many rivalries and diplomatic procedures taking place, you're almost certain of stumbling into a war-zone just by visiting your neighbors. In order to survive in the brutal world of Rivality you will need to find allies to join your cause, increasing your military threat and influence over your immediate surroundings.

If diplomacy doesn't work, Rivality lets you construct a huge army to destroy your opponents and take what you want by force. You can approach the military aspect of the game in a variety of ways, choosing to specialize in certain unit types such as constructing a powerful air force, or swarming your enemy with infantry units, or you can broaden your horizons and create an army mixing a variety of the different units together.

By Rachel Rosen

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