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  • Rising Cities: map

    Rising Cities: map
    Rising Cities is a city building strategy game. As you progress through the game you will have to build homes, commercial building...
    Rising Cities: map

    Rising Cities: homes

    Rising Cities: homes
    Homes increase your population and are your main source of income. When a home is built, you need to choose the type of resident t...
    Rising Cities: homes

    Rising Cities: tasks

    Rising Cities: tasks
    On the left side of the screen you will see a series of tasks. This 'to do' list will help new players learn mechanics and give yo...
    Rising Cities: tasks

    Rising Cities: market

    Rising Cities: market
    Players can buy and sell goods from each other. Head to the market to buy needed resources. Sell off extra supplies....
    Rising Cities: market

Rising Cities, developed and published by Bigpoint, is a city building browser MMO. Game mechanics are easy to figure out. Starting players will have no troubles learning how Rising Cities works. The goal is to build and run a virtual city. Players will become mayors. Rising Cities is a casual but very addictive game. It runs directly in a web browser so it’s accessible to everyone. You just need to create an account and you are ready to start building, planning and managing your Rising Cities metropolis. The success of your city depends on the amount of time and dedication you put in the game.

All Rising Cities players start with a small town. It’s up to them to transform it into a large city. Everything must be carefully planned. From placing buildings to managing finances there are lots of Rising Cities aspects to be considered. A town is nothing without its citizens. Rising Cities mayors need to ensure that everyone has a place to live. Each inhabitant pays rent. The bigger the population, the bigger the amount of Rising Cities money you can collect from your citizens. Metro money is Rising Cities MMO premium currency. Once you have a stable population, you need to start developing city industry. There are lots of options for this. Power plants and all sorts of factories can be built. Any able Rising Cities mayor knows that industry needs resources. Some Rising Cities buildings generate resources and some others consume these resources. You can generate resources by building farms and collecting wood and ore. Resources need to be processed before they can be used in the industry. A balance between produced and spent resources must be always kept. Resource generating and processing facilities must be continually upgraded to keep up with population and industry demands.

Rising Cities inhabitants can be quite demanding. They are not content with just a roof over their head and food. They also need entertainment to be happy. Keeping them happy is important because this will boost your income. Bars, restaurants and cinemas are entertainment buildings. Player interaction is another Rising Cities key feature. The marketplace is a Rising Cities feature that players use for trading goods. This is a good way to earn money and also to supply your town with needed resources. Rising Cities is one of those free browser games that require players to strategically plan each action. You need to figure out how to maximize your profit with minimal costs. The forums and Facebook page are great places to stay connected with other Rising Cities players and to find out the latest news.

By Rachel Rosen

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