Rise of Mythos goes to war in Version 1.2

By Michael Jamias
rise of mythos version 1 2

Fresh bloodshed begins as Rise of Mythos releases Version 1.2, including a contentious new area and a powerful Outsider card.

Rise of Mythos Version 1.2 is the next chapter for the free to play strategy mmorpg, and will open up the new area of Draglasar. Players will receive dozens of new PvE card battle missions and receive rewards while exploring this dangerous frontier.

The newly launched content patch also introduce Judge Tytus, which is the first character launched for the Outsider faction.

Sworn to protect the helpless and smite those that attempt to break Celestial Law, Judge Tytus will deal holy damage based on an enemy unit's attack score and has the ability to prevent undead units from reviving after defeat. Judge Tytus though can only be wielded by the elite few who can climb the Ascension Tower and collect enough Tower Coins to enlist his divine power to their side.

Version 1.2 raises the level cap in the no download mmorpg by 10 levels to 60, and rolls out over 130 new cards for mmo fans to collect, craft or trade. Additional weekly and daily rewards make it all that more compelling to keep on logging in.

But for hardcore challenge seekers, Version 1.2's ultimate attraction are the new boss battles in Challenge Hall that will pit four-man card battlers against the Queen of the Vampires herself.


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