What is Rise of Mythos up to?

By Tam Mageean
rise of mythos teaser

The creative people at Rise of Mythos have kindly trolled us...I mean...sent us a teaser trailer for their new update for their card based MMO.

Update 1.3, from what we can tell, will feature squirrels. Talking Squirrels.

It will also contain brand new cards for Ogre, Goblin and Beast factions, area of effect skill cards and both PvP and PvE additions to keep you happy, regardless of play style.

If you're a fan of getting the premium out of your freemium; the Rise of Mythos team are giving away free silver and crystal rewards for gold purchasers.

In addition, if you purchase 800+ gold this weekend you will receive a limited edition Aphrodena Card! The card is only available this weekend, and there's a special Aphrodena variant for high-rollers purchasing 9000+gold.

Rise of Mythos Aphrodena

Aphrodena has high HP, a dispel ability and a "lovely pink dress" making her great as a support unit to strengthen your deck.

"Aphrodena is a Human Priestess in a lovely pink dress. She deals Holy damage, ensuring that her attacks deal damage to enemy forces. Her real power lies in her Dispel and Arctic Barrier abilities. Dispel allows Aphordena a 50% chance to remove a negative effect from any one friendly creature. Arctic Barrier protects Aphrodena herself from all effects, positive or negative."

The update will be available from October. Aphrodena will be available for this weekend only.


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