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rise of mythos teaser
The creative people at Rise of Mythos have kindly trolled us...I mean...sent us a teaser trailer for their new update for their card based MMO.Update 1.3, from what we can tell, will feature squirrels. Talking Squirrels. It will also contain brand new cards for Ogre, Goblin and Beast factions, area of effect skill cards and both PvP and PvE additions to keep you happy, regardless of play style. If you're a fan of getting the premium out of ...
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Sep 20 2013
rise of mythos version 1 2
Fresh bloodshed begins as Rise of Mythos releases Version 1.2, including a contentious new area and a powerful Outsider card. Rise of Mythos Version 1.2 is the next chapter for the free to play strategy mmorpg, and will open up the new area of Draglasar. Players will receive dozens of new PvE card battle missions and receive rewards while exploring this dangerous frontier. The newly launched content patch also introduce Judge Tytus, which is th...
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Jul 18 2013