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    Riot Zone: faction
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    Riot Zone: combat
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Riot Zone is a free no download mmorpg with strategy elements, developed and published by Mail.Ru Games. Riot Zone is set in Merania, a country in Latin America divided by civil war. The current leader, the Dictator, is in conflict with 2 factions. Each faction wants to establish a new form of government according to their laws and beliefs. The Scarlet Alliance is a populist fanatic organization. The Crown Coalition is led by the rightful leader of Merania. Players take the role of mercenaries and choose a faction to side with. They must also ensure the necessary resources to hire and train units. Most of the action will take place in a tropical jungle so players need to make sure they have enough food and anti malaria shots. After level 5, Riot Zone players can engage in PvP combat.

When starting Riot Zone for the first time, players will receive a short briefing and be prompted to choose a character. There are 3 female avatars and 3 male avatars, each with a different portrait. Combat begins when a character comes close to an aggressive NPC. Players can instruct their Riot Zone characters to use certain types of ammo or grenades during combat. When fighting ends, combat statistics, like total damage, are displayed. Victorious characters receive XP, gold and all sorts of items. Riot Zone characters spend energy when working on missions or daily tasks. Riot Zone browser mmo follows rpg specific character development. There are 5 main stats: precision, skill, speed, stamina and success. These stats are increased by investing points gained when leveling. The shop is the place where you will equip your Riot Zone character with different gear. Weapons, armor, supplies and upgrades are available. A Riot Zone character will ultimately become the leader of a mercenary squad. Additional mercenaries can be recruited from the Agency. More mercenary slots unlock when characters level up. Recruited mercenaries gain XP and level up as well.

Riot Zone bases are called camps. In these camps players can build various constructions. The workshop gives resources. The laboratory is for supplies. The prison will help players earn some extra peso (Riot Zone non premium currency). The shooting range is a training facility for your mercenaries. By opening the Riot Zone world map, players can visualize the available PvE tasks. Random missions award energy. Riot Zone players have multiple PvP modes at their disposal. They can attack a random or specific player of the opposing faction. There are 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3 or 8 vs. 8 PvP modes. A free for all mode is also available. Riot Zone free mmo has a cash shop where players can spend Riot Zone dollars. Premium Riot Zone membership allows players to regenerate energy faster, obtain more resources and gain several other benefits.

By Rachel Rosen

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