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  • Renaissance Kingdoms: tutorial

    Renaissance Kingdoms: tutorial
    Hampan will guide you through the first few days. We will need all the help we can get....
    Renaissance Kingdoms: tutorial

    Renaissance Kingdoms: character

    Renaissance Kingdoms: character
    Our character is hungry, has little to nothing to his name, but is healthy. We'll need to get to work so we can afford some food....
    Renaissance Kingdoms: character

    Renaissance Kingdoms: microtransact...

    Renaissance Kingdoms: microtransact...
    You can buy in game money and other perks using the microstansactions store....
    Renaissance Kingdoms: microtransact...

    Renaissance Kingdoms: job

    Renaissance Kingdoms: job
    Without any gear, we'll have to work in the church to make a few coins for bread....
    Renaissance Kingdoms: job

Renaissance Kingdoms is an award winning browser based free MMORPG published in 2004. Renaissance Kingdoms is part of the De Gloria Regni series designed by Celsius online which consists of Shogun Kingdoms and Native Kingdoms, combining all 3 games provides a vivid story across multiple regions during the same time period. This in-depth approach to story telling is one of the main reasons Renaissance Kingdoms has become so successful over the years.

You begin your journey as a lowly peasant with no job and hardly enough food to survive. Players must first find work or other means of income in order to survive. You can choose to head to the church and work to earn wages, or you can sit outside and beg, hoping the good citizens will give you enough gold to pay for your dinner. If begging isn't your thing, you can also do other tasks such as fishing, woodcutting and hunting. Each task requires different skills, but most payout in a similar fashion, allowing you to do what you enjoy the most, instead of what pays the most. The final choice for work is going to town hall, these are usually very time consuming jobs and include a certain amount of risk. You can also revolt at the town hall if you're not happy with the current mayor, or pass your vote to select the new mayor.

Once players have earned enough gold, they can upgrade their shabby dwellings to a much larger house. You can use your house to store goods and gold, or eat and rest to fill up your stamina and strength bars. You can also purchase land to go with your house, such as fields and woodland. Different land types offer different benefits such as a regular income of a certain resource.

If violence is more your thing, you can go to the arena and challenge other players to fights and duels. These fights offer a great payout and a lot of reputation if you're strong enough to win.

By Rachel Rosen

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