Remanum schedules shutdown on September 1

By Michael Jamias
remanun shuts down september 1

Another free browser mmo bites the dust, and this time it's Remanum.

In explaining why Remanum is shutting down, game director comeonbaer said that developer Travian Games did not have the resources and capabilities to improve the game to the standard that players wanted.

"We have not been able to find workable solutions. Remanum is a very complex game. The underlying system is simply not flexible enough, so that it is impossible to give Remanum a revamp within an acceptable timeframe," the game director said.

Funding the improvements also proved to be too difficult for the developer, suggesting that it would have hurt other games if Remanum was fully revamped. Travian Games operates other online games like Travian, Travians, Rise of Europe and Imperion.

"Implementation of new and urgently required improvements would only be possible at the expense of other things, or that things wouldn't be possible to be implemented at all."

Without any choice left, Travian decided to cut its losses and close the game down all the servers for the MMO on September 1.

"The implementation of new features, as well as the solving of existing problems takes us ever longer, leading to longer waiting times for you, our players. This means frustration on both sides, as you don't see much progress and we are unable to implement the things we have in mind," the game director said.

"Following a long discussion, we have now reached the decision not to develop Remanum any further."


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