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Ragnarok Journey is a casual browser MMO RPG created and published by Gravity. Gameplay features character progression, questing, PvP and player interaction. Ragnarok Journey is part of the Ragnarok Online universe but it's not a sequel to any of the previous Ragnarok titles. It is extremely beginner friendly with features like auto pathfinding making it more suitable for occasional players who don't have a lot of free time. Ragnarok Journey implements auto systems to make it easier for players to upgrade their characters and to earn rewards. Consecutive quest option allows characters to complete quests without any guidance.

Players begin the game by selecting character gender and name. Unlike most MMORPG games that start with class selection, Ragnarok Journey starts with a quick tutorial. All starting quests are played automatically. Six classes or jobs are available. Players can see which attributes are the most important for each class by looking at the diagram. Class description gives info about play style, favorite weapons and job advancement. Swordsmen prefer one handed sword and shield combo or two handed weapons. Mages use wands for spell casting. Archers hunt their enemies with a bow. Thieves have good agility and perform stabbing attacks using daggers. Acolytes support the party with healing skills. Merchants can take on multiple enemies at the same time. Ragnarok Journey players earn XP when completing quests. Tons of XP can be gathered in no time using consecutive quests option. As players level up they unlock more PvE activities. Dungeons, daily quests, world bosses and other PvE activities can be accessed from the Help menu that acts as a guide for new players. Ragnarok Journey social interaction features include guilds and parties. Players interested in finding a guild or joining a party should keep an eye on the general chat channel.

Ragnarok Journey players can take part in PK (player killing) activities by selecting one of the three available PvP modes. PK all means that the character can attack and be attacked by anyone who has this mode on as well. Party mode activates party PvP. Guild mode is for guild PvP wars. Those who don't want to take part in any PvP fights have the option to keep peace mode on at all times. Ragnarok Journey is one of the free browser games that implement optional auto play. When players enable this option, their character will automatically attack mobs and use skills. Those who want to perform the abilities themselves can turn it off. A few auto play settings allow players to decide when to use potions and what items to loot. It's recommended to use auto play with peace mode and switch to manual combat when fighting other players. Ragnarok Journey has charming graphics and non challenging PvE content so it's the perfect choice for casual users.

By Rachel Rosen

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