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  • Rage of 3 Kingdoms: tax

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: tax
    Approximately every hour, you can tax your empire to collect more money....
    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: tax

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: items

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: items
    Buy, equip, and level up items for your heroes to increase the effectiveness of your army....
    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: items

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: combat

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: combat
    Rage of 3 Kingdoms uses turn based combat. You do not control the fighting but can prepare by altering your army, heroes, equipmen...
    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: combat

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: level

    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: level
    As you play the game you will level up, level up buildings, and upgrade items. There are many layers of progression in Rage of 3 K...
    Rage of 3 Kingdoms: level

Rage of 3 Kingdoms is a Chinese themed mmorts, developed by UQEE, published by RMS with exclusive partnership with OFFGAMERS. Players start with a little town, a bit bigger than a village, and their goal is to expand it into a real empire. The two main gameplay features are the building system and armies. Rage of 3 Kingdoms battles are held on land and sea. Generals and troops can be recruited and trained. Diversity is ensured as there are about 600 generals to choose from. There are also quests that reward players with silver and resources. Combat is done automatically. Each time you engage in a fight, battle order is spent. Every 30 minutes, battle order is refilled. Victory comes with an XP reward. Rage of 3 Kingdoms players can gain XP even in offline mode.

One of Rage of 3 Kingdoms most important feature is the general (hero) system. Each general has a few stats that determine attack, defense and strategy. Rage of 3 Kingdoms generals can equip items, mounts and weapons. Generals also have troops that can be arranged in several squad positions. Training will make generals more efficient. Each training level takes time to complete. After reaching level 10, Rage of 3 Kingdoms mmo players can visit the tavern and recruit more generals. Rage of 3 Kingdoms towns have several types of buildings. The Town Hall is the place where you can collect taxes. Treasury building stores your silver (in game currency). The Training Center boosts hero XP received after training. New equipment can be acquired and upgraded in the Shop. The Cottage will increase taxes and allows players to get more silver. Food is stored in the Granary and can be traded at the Market. The Research Center will help players learn new military technologies. The size of your army is based on the Barrack’s level. Each building upgrade level costs silver and takes time. A building’s level cannot be higher than the town hall level. It’s a good idea to always have your town hall one level higher than any other building.

There are lots of rewards that Rage of 3 Kingdoms players can earn. Besides usual rewards from winning battles and expanding town buildings, there are login, event, achievement and activity rewards. There are lots of Rage of 3 Kingdoms daily events. Achievements are earned when completing different objectives or tasks. After level 60, players can join the PvP arena. Once a week, the Nation War event takes place. Rage of 3 Kingdoms free to play mmo has a microtransaction system. Players can get certain benefits in exchange for gold (Rage of 3 Kingdoms premium currency).

By Rachel Rosen

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