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  • Puzzle Pirates: yarr

    Puzzle Pirates: yarr
    Start by creating your pirate. Yarr!...
    Puzzle Pirates: yarr

    Puzzle Pirates: notice board

    Puzzle Pirates: notice board
    Check the notice board for available missions. Here you can earn plunder....
    Puzzle Pirates: notice board

    Puzzle Pirates: room

    Puzzle Pirates: room
    Every pirate needs a swashbuckling home. Earn money to buy and add new furniture....
    Puzzle Pirates: room

    Puzzle Pirates: missions

    Puzzle Pirates: missions
    Missions are played by completing puzzles. Bailing water plays similar to Bejeweled....
    Puzzle Pirates: missions

Ahoy, puzzle-solving mateys! Puzzle Pirates is a free browser mmo offering a landlubberly good time with its 20 unique puzzle games and sea-faring side adventures. Create a pirate to your likeness, choose an ocean (the Puzzle Pirates term for a server) then brave the rough waves and even rougher pirate-themed puzzles. There are three kinds of puzzle games available: The Skills o’ Piracy puzzles are based on the common activities done aboard a ship, such as sailing, navigation and treasure haul games. Crafting puzzles are those done ashore while visiting a shop, and can earn you decent Pieces of Eight, the game’s main currency. Then there are the Carousing puzzles designed around the trademark pirate activities like Drinking and Sword fighting games.

Despite its cartoon look, Puzzle Pirates is not one of those Browser Games designed for just kids. Sure, most games are easy to play, but some of them can ramp up in difficulty to give adult puzzle fans busy for hours, and even stumped for a few more. Puzzle Pirates is open-ended so do not expect an overarching storyline to complete. Instead, you should view it as a puzzle game theme park that you can visit every day for a barrel of fun. Puzzle Pirates also jazzes up the puzzle-solving grind by making it more competitive, but in a friendly manner. Solving puzzles earns you a performance score that is then compared to your player or NPC opponent. There are also tournaments and server-wide puzzle competitions that offer fame and glory to elite solvers. For beginners, the trick is to keep on doing the daily tasks required of you. Puzzle Pirates has set up the game in such a way that you will want to get some practice time in since these are tied up to personal record rankings and item rewards. No one wants to get stuck with the reputation of an “Able” puzzler, not when you can be known as an “Ultimate” puzzler.

Puzzle Pirates can be enjoyed solo, and offers much more variety than the computer Minesweeper or Solitaire. But the game also offers a vibrant social scene where you can befriend other pirates, and even join the player-run crews that roam about the shared game world. More veteran puzzlers can also be a great source for tips on how to get a better completion time or higher score on the especially hard ones. Socializing with crafters and sellers also gives you access to that pair of breeches or sailor cap you’ve always wanted you avatar to wear.

By Rachel Rosen

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