PoxNora Q&A Exposes Details on Broken Shard Expansion

By Michael Jamias
poxnora broken shard q a

PoxNora developers will spend a whole Q&A session tomorrow, September 12, sating your curiosity about the new expansion, Broken Shard.

“We’ve been teasing you on Facebook and the forums with images from the upcoming expansion, Broken Shard, and now it’s time to talk about them,” said developer SOE in a blog post, referring to the teaser images that the team has been seeding. This includes art of a Yeti Tracker and another of Minotaur Flamecrusher, which will likely appear as runes in the MMORPG.

The Q&A sessions will begin 4:00 PM PST and will feature the top executives of the turn-based browser mmo, Derek "Sokolov" Chin (Lead Designer) and Luke "HawkFain" Bultman (Producer). The pair will be interviewed by Linda "Brasse" Carslon (Director of Community Relations) who will source most of the questions from those posted on the PoxNora forums.

The Q&A will last for only 20 minutes, though, so don’t be disappointed if your questions on Broken Shard are left unanswered. As a form of consolation, fans will be treated to more rune previews so be sure to catch it live on the official website for the browser mmo, as well as the simultaneous livestream broadcast on Twitch TV.  


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