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pox nora spirits beyond expansion release
Did you want some gripping plot with your PoxNora card battles? Now you can embark on a new 5-mission story arc with the release of the PoxNora Spirits Beyond expansion, the 28th so far released for the fantasy turn-based card mmo. Called the Hand of Death campaign, you will follow a group of Protectorate heroes as they uncover a devious plot and try to stop it, even if it means going up against one of the most powerful villains in the PoxNora u...
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Mar 31 2016
poxnora broken shard q a
PoxNora developers will spend a whole Q&A session tomorrow, September 12, sating your curiosity about the new expansion, Broken Shard. “We’ve been teasing you on Facebook and the forums with images from the upcoming expansion, Broken Shard, and now it’s time to talk about them,” said developer SOE in a blog post, referring to the teaser images that the team has been seeding. This includes art of a Yeti Tracker and another of Minotaur Flamecr...
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Sep 11 2012