Pockie Pirates launches Legion Fights in Chapter 13 update

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates legion fights chapter 13

The One Piece-inspired MMORPG treads more contentious waters with the release of port ownership and intense legion fights.

NGames has announced the new weekly Seizing Island Legion Fight mode for Pockie Pirates which was activated with the release of the game's Chapter 13 update. Every Friday from now at 20:300 (UTC -6), pirates can engage epic battles to seize control of all the trade ports along the Grand Line.

Prepare for a ruthless challenge to sink ships and slit throats to either wrest control of or defend those strategic trade ports.

Owning ports will allow your Legion to grow by leaps and bounds, said developers. You should aim to control the busiest ports because these will provide higher income for you and allow you to access new sailing technology such as more destructive cannons to deadlier ballistic upgrades to more expansive cargo and food storage capacities.

Legions will function similarly to guilds in other mmo games, and each one will be given a private military fund to spend on battles and technology upgrades. Each Legion member can donate to this fund or the leadership can set a profit cut from port trades to be added to the fund. This will allow the Legion to have enough strength to fend off attackers and maybe even capture a few more ports.

Developers said the most successful Legions will know how to create effective formations for both ship and on-deck battles, and also strike treaties will the right allies to help secure port dominance in the free no download mmorpg.


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