Pockie Pirates first birthday unlocks updates + rewards pack

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates first anniversary updates rewards

Pockie Pirates celebrates its first anniversary with all-out fan service.

The Pockie Pirates first anniversary festivities will be marked by the roll-out of two new maps and a level cap increase to 140.

The new maps will be Islands: Marine Ford and Thriller Bark which mmo publisher Game321.com describes as "both spectacular and treacherous."

Both maps located in the Grand Line will introduce new monsters and challenges that should make the trek up to level 140 not so easy for player pirates.

Still, fans should be racing one another to hit the level cap despite the dangerous trials ahead because of the cool rewards that come with clinching that magical level 140, including a brand new Shiny Gear Set.

Along with the two maps and level cap incentives, Pockie Pirates fans have gotten new pirate crews, cross-server battle events, a quick-buy feature, an enhanced warship system, World Map teleportation functionality and other features leading up to the big day.

The Pockie Pirates anniversary rewards pack should also entice veteran players to dust off their characters and jump back into the fold. Returning pirates with a level 50+ character and have not logged on for 50 days will receive a generous rewards pack when they sign into the browser mmo. Freebies include 1000 gold, potions and upgrade cards.


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