Pockie Pirates sets sail for Chapter 7 update this March

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates chapter 7 march

NGames previews the first-known details about the upcoming update for the One Piece-inspired free to play mmo launching in “late March”.

The Chapter 7 update introduces a deluge of new content that will come crashing down to Pockie Pirates. This includes new Underwater Treasure, which are rare items that players can dive for under the seas of the free no download mmorpg. Players can also learn new cooking techniques that imbue its eater with powerful combat buffs.

High-ranked players can head to All Blue Bar 2 to recruit two new crew members: Drake and Hawkins. Both sets of pirates will become powerful additions, as they are led by the formidable admirals Kizaru and Akainu, respectively, known to be some of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Chapter 7 is also a patch of optimization improvements for Pockie Pirates. The full-screen user interface has been optimized, allowing for a grander gameplay experience. The Grand Line map has also been tweaked so that players can now more efficiently traverse the expansive seas. NGames promises shorter travel times, a new Bargain feature for sweeter trade deals, and triple the current income rate for an astounding wealth increase when Chapter 7 hits. Those who want to upgrade to VIP status will even get additional “time-limited benefits” to further flesh out the advantage of the account upgrade. More details should be revealed as the content updates nears its release sometime next week.


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