Straw Hat Pirates update lands in Pockie Pirates this month

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates chapter 5 straw hat

November’s Chapter 5 update introduces the magical Straw Hat Pirates to the pirate-themed mmorpg.

The update also raises the Pockie Pirates level cap to 130, and adds powerful new gear for level 120+ pirates, including the Blackmoon Series of costumes and weapons, according to the browser game’s creator Game321.

Chapter 5 also unveils two new maps for pirates to explore – Long Island and Water – which “promise tough challenges, all new dungeons and punishing trials.”

There’s also an exciting surprise for One Piece fans. Kaku, the agile secret agent, will be coming to the Pockie Pirates universe as a new All Blue S-Rank Crew Member, which can be recruited in North Blue Bar. Kaku will be a “devastating dual-wielding swordsman capable of incredible physical attacks” and will be “a wise addition to any crew.”

There is no set date yet for Chapter 5, only that it has been confirmed for release this November. This newest content installment comes on the heels of Chapter 4: Clashes of Marineford which was just released last month. Chapter 4 provided thrilling additions to the browser mmo such as two All Blue crew members, the medical magician Trafalgar Law and the debuff-giving navigator Perona.


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