In Pockie Pirates, The Mighty Will Rule in New Schibukai System

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates chapter 3 schibukai

The strongest tournament gladiators will win seats in the newly established player-led government of Pockie Pirates as the MMORPG rolls out its new content update, Chapter 3: Royal Seven.

This new chapter for Pockie Pirates will launch in “early September,” said developer NGames in a release. Not only will it introduce exciting power struggles with the new Schibukai system, it will also usher in new All Blue adventures and major gameplay optimizations to the pirate-themed no download mmorpg.

“Located at the new All Blue section of the ocean, players will be able to explore new islands and tackle new challenges in a bid to recruit crew members with powers beyond anything the game has ever seen,” said NGames.

Developers describe All Blue as a mysterious hub of islands located where the North, South, East and West seas combine, and an area “brimming with new missions, dangerous challenges and powerful new crew members ripe for recruitment.”

All Blue can be accessed by high level pirates from the city hub, and will be treated to an “innovative board game style adventure.” 15 unique islands make up the board of All Blue, each island containing unique adventures and mystery events. Players who complete the gauntlet of challenges will earn Fame, which can be spent to acquire new All Blue crew members in the browser mmo.

What’s so special about All Blue crew members? NGames said captains looking for a combat boost in the MMORPG will be glad to have All Blue crew members on board, what with them having 10 new devastating skills such as Destruction Cannon (attacks all enemies to deal 200% physical damage and reduces their fury), Champion Fist (deals up to 600% physical damage and stuns enemies for two rounds), and Death Apple (chance to kill a chosen target with one shot).


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