Pockie Pirates “Beloved Mr. 2” Update Lets Players Transform Into Pirate Crew

By Michael Jamias
pockie pirates beloved mr 2

Being in open beta did not stop Pockie Pirates from anchoring its first major update titled “Chapter II: Beloved Mr.2” which gives players freedom to take on the skin of their favorite pirate crew.

Launched on July 26, this new update for the side-scrolling pirate MMO was named after Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, also known as Bentham in the popular manga One Piece, infamous for his cross-dressing and ability to transform into anyone he has touched.

In the same vein as Mr. 2 Bon Kurei’s shape-shifting powers, “the update introduces players to the ability to transform into any character they have previously recruited into their pirate crews. Now, players can spend 1 transformation card, or 10 in-game gold, and instantly turn into their most beloved characters – with no limit on the amount of time they remain in their boots,” said NGames in a press release.

The official update page said that transformations have no time limits, and players have to option to change back to their original appearance by clicking the “Return” button on the Logbook menu. Appearance changes cannot be performed in the middle of battle, though.

NGames said that an “advanced transformation” feature is under development, but did not provide hints on its functionality or release date.

The Beloved Mr. 2 update also activates the convenient Crew Recall feature in Pockie Pirates, which allows you to spend gold to bring back a fired crew member.

Top-up and logbook events were also launched for the no download mmorpg side-scroller to celebrate the release of its new update, with random rewards to be handed out o players who purchase gold and lighten crew members in Logbook.


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